Wave Motion Digital is proud to offer the OnlyOffice Productivity Suite.

OnlyOffice is open source and offers tools that bring the editing and collaboration features of Google Docs onto your own server. So the only people with access to your data is who you allow.

But it's much more than just a document editor:


Create and edit documents online. Export them as MS Word or PDF.

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Feature-rich online editor for spreadsheets. Over 400 spreadsheet functions included.

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Collaborate with your team using the online editor to create stunning presentations.

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File Manager

Easily manage and share documents with the built-in file manager.

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Project management software perfect for small to medium sized projects.

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Simple CRM for sales management and productivity improvement

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News, announcements, polls, blogs, events, forums and instant messaging.

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OnlyOffice integrates with WMD Mail and WMD Drive so you can edit documents stored anywhere!

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Document Editor

Open, edit, and collaborate on Word documents in real-time

OnlyOffice Document Editor

All the formats

No more limitations while editing your text documents online: enjoy 100% view, conversion, print and pagination fidelity; work with files of any size and complexity; use the enhanced set of formatting tools right from your browser. ONLYOFFICE Document Editor supports all popular formats: DOC, DOCX, ODT, TXT, PDF, HTML.

Familiar Tools

Manage fonts and styles, format text, adjust line and paragraph spacing, insert headers and footers, cuztomize page layout, and set mirror and gutter margins to prepare documents for publishing.

Be Creative!

Create vivid documents with images, customizable charts, auto-shapes and tables, Text Art, equations, drop caps, and more. Easily adjust inserted objects: move, resize, align, change wrapping styles, fill with color or pattern, etc. Create professional-looking forms and templates using Content Controls.

Improve Workflow

Collaborate on documents with your team. Leave comments and discuss the process in the built-in chat. Use the Track Changes mode with the Preview in Review feature to know what your document will look like if you accept or reject changes.

Analyze Everything

Wiew word count, paragraphs, and characters with or without spaces. Search for a word or phrase and replace it with a new one using the Find and Replace tool. View version history, select and restore any previous version with a simple click.

Spreadsheets Editor

Work with Excel documents online in real-time

OnlyOffice Spreadsheet Editor

No format left behind

Ease and automate your calculations online, have your data organized and analyzed with ONLYOFFICE Spreadsheet Editor. Open, view, and edit .xlsx, .xls, .ods, and .csv files, and save spreadsheets as a PDF.

Functions & Formulae

Achieve quick and accurate results by choosing amongst over 400 available functions and formulas. Apply table templates, use named ranges, and sort and filter data to simplify working with spreadsheets. Quickly find necessary content and replace it in one click.

Analyze Data

Analyze data and find patterns using Pivot tables. Quickly filter data or indicate the current filtering state to see what data is displayed by adding Slicers to formatted tables. Remove duplicated values and rows to make your calculations more precise.

Illustrate Your Data

Add colorful charts and informative graphics. Insert equations, shapes, and images, and use Text Art or YouTube videos for data presentation and visualization.

Spreadsheet Team work

Bring team efforts together

Work on business reports and stock recording collaboratively with your team. Access, share spreadsheets or even links to specific ranges, co-edit them in real-time, leave comments on cells, and chat with collaborators online without leaving the editor. Let other users apply their own filters while editing a spreadsheet without disturbing co-authors.

Automate your tasks with macros

Make your work with spreadsheets easier. Create your own macros using JavaScript language syntax, edit and save them to automate common and repetitive tasks. Make macros run automatically or restrict their autostart.

Spreadsheet Macros

Presentations Editor

Сreate professional presentations, edit and collaborate on them in the web browser

OnlyOffice Spreadsheet Editor

File formats

Express any idea using a wide selection of formatting tools, objects, and style options. ONLYOFFICE Presentation Editor works with PowerPoint presentations and can save them in PDF format. PPTX, PPT and ODP files are also supported.

Get Fancy

Create clear-cut schemes and sketches with autoshapes, add customizable charts, tables, and equations for a distinct statistics display. Make your presentation more interactive with ready-made transitions. Group any number of objects and apply settings in bulk to save you time.

Easy Peasy Presenty

With Presenter View mode you can add notes to highlight important parts of your speech and comfortably navigate your presentation by switching to any desired slide with one simple click.

Make it a Team Effort

You can guarantee nimble teamwork on presentations and sketches with our collaborative features. Access, share, and co-edit slides in real-time, leave comments on slide elements, and chat with collaborators online without leaving the editor.

Document Manager

Easily organize and manage all of your documents

OnlyOffice Document Manager
Big Brother Isn't Watching

All of your documents on your OnlyOffice environment are stored on a private server. No one scans your documents for marketing campaigns. There are no key-logging or typing cadence algorithms to personally identify you.

Only Share What You Want

Choose who has access to folders within your system. Share folders or files with individuals or groups.

Real-Time Editing

Just like Google you can edit documents in real-time with your team members or invite others from outside. Collaborate with chat on the side or notes.

Work online or on-the-go!

Get free desktop and mobile apps

OnlyOffice on Mobile and Desktop

Project Management, CRM, Email, Calendar & Community Features

OnlyOffice isn't just a powerful editor. It packs an entire suite of producitivty tools into one convenient package!


A perfect tool for fast or medium-sized projects. No more complicated than shopping on Amazon.

Use milestones, tasks, and subtasks to prioritize your primary objectives and day-to-day activities. Add custom task statuses.

Analyze project progress and task dependencies. Update scheduled events and deadlines in a couple clicks.

Assess team performance and project status using time-tracking features and automatically generated reports.



Simple CRM for sales management and productivity improvement!

Build your customer database, manage business processes, analyse potential deal success rate, and track sales with the essential features of CRM software: Contacts, Deal Opportunities, Tasks, Web-to-Lead Form, and Communication history.

Customize it! Add new contacts types, tasks, categories, and special user fields. Describe your business process using customizable opportunity stages.

Make and answer customer calls directly from the CRM with Twilio integration.


Don't need all of the Enterprise features of WMD Mail? No problem! The built-in email solution has everything you need!

Collect, process, and store all correspondence in one place, connecting all email accounts to a single account.

Organize your Inbox efficiently: structure correspondence into categories with Folders management, easily drag and drop emails to folders, and use filters to sort mail automatically.

Customize fonts and styles. Upload attachments and attach from Documents module. Create and manage signatures. Make use of comprehensive template constructor.



A simple, beautiful yet powerful time management tool.

Create personal timetables and share calendars, with the ability to grant access to a certain person or schedule group meetings.

Create all-day, multi-day, and recurring events. Add to-dos to your timetable. Send invitations to any user. Use reminders to never miss a thing.

Import events, add an iCal feed from Google, Apple iCal or Yahoo!, sync your calendar using CalDAV protocol, and track everything in one place.

Community Features

Create a corporate news board for posting the latest company news, orders, and announcements. Add and share bookmarks to useful or interesting resources with your colleagues.

Conduct research, gather data, or get feedback from other office users with polls and surveys. Add questionnaires to make forum posts more interactive.

Add posts to the corporate blog to share ideas, knowledge, and experience with others. Discuss issues and lead forum discussions.

Instant message with other users in real-time, organize conferences in chat rooms, and use mailing lists to send a message to many people simultaneously.


Of course there's A LOT more!

OnlyOffice is the one productivity suite to provide you with easy to use collaboration tools and complete peace of mind.
  • Privately hosted
  • Integrates with WMD Mail and WMD Drive
  • Mac, Linux & Windows Desktop Apps
  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • 100% Compatible with Microsoft Office formats
  • Email on your own domain name
  • Maintenance included
  • Pay only for the server and space
  • Easy user management
  • Email works seamlessly with Securence
  • Connectors for NextCloud, SharePoint, Confluence, Communigate, Moodle and more!
  • 100% Open Source


Wave Motion Digital will never scan your files for data mining or marketing purposes.

Other online editors have been detected using typing speed, words and phrases to create identity profiles. WE DO NOT DO THAT.

While we do perform scans for viruses, phishing and malware, the data from our scans is not indexed, stored or saved.

We do not and will not sell any information about your communications and do not have a profit incentive in marketing your data.

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