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the Open Source DropBox Alternative

Wave Motion Drive works from your browser, from mobile apps and can be mounted right on your desktop. Set up a private drop box to receive files without exposing other files in that directory. And it works seamlessly with WMD Mail and WMD Office so all of your files are easily available for emailing or editing.

We scan your files for malware but do not scan your files for marketing purposes. We also do not monitor your files and suddenly suspend your account for baseless causes such as hosting audio or video files.

Pricing is simple: you pay for the hard drive space available. No per-user licensing. No quotas. And no privacy concerns.

Intuitively Easy.

Simplified interface for uploading, downloading,
sharing and managing your files.

Browser Based

Everything is managed through a web browser! No FTP applications to configure and mess with.


Uploading is as simple as dragging from your desktop or a folder and placing the file in the browser window.

Everything Connected

Authenticate with your WMD Mail credentials and access your WMD Drive files directly from within your WMD Webmail interface.

Comparing it with the competition

How does WMD Drive compare with the competition?
  WMD Drive Dropbox Google Drive Office 365
License Open Source Proprietary Proprietary Proprietary Proprietary
Mobile Clients
Desktop Clients
File Drop (One-way File Upload)
Single-Use Links
Custom Branding
Very limited Very Limited
Server-side encryption
File access control
Object Storage (S3 Integration)
Real-time notifications
Video Verification

Secure sharing made easy.

Sharing folders and files with WMD Drive is easy! Send a private file link and the recipient can instantly access the folders or files you share. Anyone can work with your files as sharing works across all devices and the web.

Completely customizable

Hundreds of add-ons add powerful functionality to your experience!

Use it your way

WMDrive folders and files can be read and written from WMD Email and Office. And you can access it from third party services that support the WebDAV protocol.

Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Outlook Apple Pages Apple Numbers Apple Keynote Apple Mail Thunderbird Apple Calendar Apple Notes Apple Reminders Android Devices Safari Firefox Google Chrome

And yes, it does so much more

Wave Motion Drive is not simply a cloud-based drive. The features it packs makes it a killer application within itself!
  • Dashboard
  • Widget Library
  • Talk with Microsoft Teams, Slack, IRC & Mattermost
  • Calendars with sharing
  • Contacts with sharing
  • Streaming Media
  • Browser-based Text Editor
  • Bookmarking Service
  • URL-shortening Service
  • Gallery
  • Antivirus
  • Maps Viewer
  • Integration with
  • Announcement Center
  • Custom Themes
  • File Access Control
  • Group Folders
  • Quota Warning
  • RSS Feed Reader
  • Document Viewer Tools
  • Drive Analytics
Header photo by Kumiko SHIMIZU on Unsplash

File Privacy

Wave Motion Digital will never scan your files for data mining or marketing purposes.

While we do perform scans for viruses, phishing and malware, the data from our scans is not indexed, stored or saved.

We do not and will not sell any information about your communications and do not have a profit incentive in marketing your data.

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