Secure, Private, Powerful, Reliable and Worry-Free Hosting

Wave Motion Digital provides managed hosting packages that are custom-tailored to fit your needs. No surprises. No long-term commitments. From single servers to large clusters, whatever your needs are we can provide the infrastructure to support them.
We also believe in transparency. There is no "secret sauce" when it comes to hosting. But we feel that you should know where your data is stored and how we protect it.

Network Operations

We have partnered with DigitalOcean. This partnership give us direct access to solutions experts at a highly respected and reputable hosting companies which helps us best meet any hosting need. Our partnerships allows us to house our servers in any of our partners' worldwide data centers.

We are no longer contracting with Vultr. You can read more about the reasons why in this blog post.

DigitalOcean Verified Solutions Partner

Built from Scratch

We take possession of bare-bones boxes with minimal operating systems installed. From there we remove a few items and install our own applications and configuration changes to protect the server.

Our server build process:

  • The ability to log in to the server using passwords is removed
  • Monitoring software is installed which scans for rootkits, backdoors and local exploits
  • Malware detection software which uses data from network edge intrusion detection systems to extract malware that is actively being used in attacks and generates signatures for detection
  • Integrity checker to notify us if malware or other events make changes to the server's filesystem
  • Monitoring software to scan log files and ban IP addresses that show malicious signs such as too many password failures, seeking for exploits, etc
  • Backup software which makes a full weekly backup and incremental backups twice daily. Read more about our backup practices.
  • Database backup software which runs twice daily and stored backups off-server

WMD Shield: Daily health checks
and updates for your CMS

Daily Updates

We constantly monitor all plugins, themes and core updates for WordPress sites and update them daily.

Uptime Monitoring

Multiple uptime monitors keep an eye on your site and alert our staff if it is not responding.

Hacked Site Cleanup

In the event your site is hacked or defaced we will remove all of the defacement and restore your site to a clean state.

Wordfence Premium

One more level of security for your WordPress site, Wordfence actively scans for file changes and blocks incoming threats.

What's Included?

  • Drupal & WordPress Core Updates
  • Module/Plugin & Theme Updates
  • 2x Daily Site Backups
  • 3x Daily Database Backups
  • WordFence Premium
  • Daily Malware Scans with Quarantine
  • Staging/Development Sites
  • Starts at $125 per month

Power Tools

We go beyond providing a box to host your content.

Global CDN

Our Wave Motion Global CDN is engineered to serve up your static assets quickly based on your visitor’s location. Our CDN seamlessly integrates with WordPress and Drupal.

Load Balancers

Scale your servers to increase performance. Floating IP addresses and private networking plus a dedicated database instance lets you easily swap out production servers with no downtime.

Private Networking

A second network interface for machines that can only be accessed by other networked machines. Private networks are unreachable from the internet, isolating and protecting communication among your servers.

Digital Asset Management

Don't let secure certificates expire or forget to renew your domain name! Let us handle your domain names and SSL registrations and renewals.

PCI Compliance

Our servers can be built to be 100% PCI compliant so you can rest assured that your customer's data is safe. We use and recommend SecurityMetrics for thorough quarterly scans.

In-house Analytics

Stop giving your site data to Google. We use Matomo Analytics to provide site traffic analysis and reports. Full-featured and customizable Matomo is build for the privacy-minded.

Why some folks do not like
hosting with us

We do things
The Hard Way™.

We do not use cPanel or WHM or any other visual control panel because we manage your servers. This reduces overhead in licenses, storage and CPU resources. You should never have to worry about your hardware or infrastructure. We handle all of your administrative needs.

No Passwords

We only use shared keys and SFTP. The single exception to the password rule is our TTY account which is only allowed to access the server from the hosting center (as in “plugged into the machine”). Plain FTP is only provided for specific cases.

No phpMyAdmin

Giving the entire internet direct access to your database via a web interface is a terrible, terrible idea. Instead we recommend desktop applications which support SSH Tunneling.

We’re not a “name brand.”

And we like it that way.

Wave Motion Digital is about protecting your data, providing solutions, trust and quality. Not quantity.

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