Wave Motion Digital creates and hosts powerful end-to-end solutions that address your individual needs. From standalone applications to WordPress plugins and Drupal modules we have the in-house expertise to craft systems that are secure, easy-to-use and do exactly what you need.

Comprehensive Development Services

Wave Motion Digital is your one-stop shop for everything from concept to creation to hosting and care and feeding. We can design a unique look for your site, code all of the functions and host the site on whatever level of hosting you need.

Individual Design

There are no limits to how your app looks. Use any theme or UI kit or work with our designers to produce a unique, custom look.

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In-house Coding

All coding and development is done in the U.S. and meets our strict adherence to coding standards.

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Our applications are built using audited, secure and proven open source technologies that meet our strict security standards.

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Tailored Hosting

From multi-server clusters to dedicated databases our hosting infrastructure can scale to meet the most challenging demands.

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Success Story

Each election year the Nuns on the Bus take to the streets. But COVID sidelined that. We built them an alternative.

One size fits... you.

WMD provides a robust and powerful infrastructure that can scale to fit the most demanding application. From small blogs to powerful multi-processor servers or multi-terabyte mission-critical databases, our infrastructure platform is built and maintained by us for tight security and superior performance.

Global CDN

wavemotionglobal.net - our global content delivery network serves static assets closest to your visitor's location. With user-definable lifetimes your content stays fresh.

CloudFlare Protection

CloudFlare mitigates threats before they ever hit your servers. And managing your CloudFlare-hosted domain is easy from the WMD Dashboard.

Big Data, Big Solutions

Our dedicated database servers are built to handle mission-critical data. Standby nodes give you peace of mind that your data will always be available.

Success Story

How do you redact, catalog, store and search
over a half million (and growing) emails and SMS messages?

"We had no idea the immense needs of our data retention requirements. But WMD provided the code and a massive database as well as seamless integration with AWS's storage solutions."

Paul Donohoe
President, Quest Companies, Inc.

Our work

And a few more custom applications

Here are a few more of the custom applications we have crafted for our clients. Symfony is our go-to framework for developing APCO's various custom web applications.

PSAP Awards

APCO International

The APCO PSAP awards is an application that allows users to submit nominations, reviewers to score the nominations and admins generate a final scoring report.

BOAF Interpretations

Building Officials Association of Florida

The BOAF Interpretations system allows builders in Florida to submit questions regarding the interpretation of building codes. Inspectors reject or respond to the inquiries.


APCO International

Project RETAINS helps communications centers meet and plan for staffing needs. Includes center assessment, anonymous satisfaction surveys and survey results charts.


It powers over 1/3 of the sites on the web. And we know it inside and out.

What have we built with WordPress? Donations systems, custom PDF children's books, a violence reduction study database, a gala ticketing purchase system, bridges to Salsa, Blue State Digital and a whole lot more.

Hosting... With Benefits!

We have partnered with several WordPress plugin vendors to be able to offer premium versions of plugins to all of our WMD Shield hosted clients.

Gravity Forms Developer Edition

The best form builder for WordPress! Includes integration with MaiLChimp, Stripe, PayPal and many others!

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Beaver Builder Visual Editor

The best visual page builder for WordPress! Drag-and-drop interface. Ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder included!

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WP Rocket
Superior Caching

Speed up your site's load time with WP Rocket! Integrates with CloudFlare so all there are artifacts lurking around.

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Smush Pro +
All WPMU Plugins!

Smush Pro is the best image optimization plugin for WordPress. Use it plus any of the other great WPMUDev plugins!

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Drupal Development

Whether it is converting a Drupal 7 site or building from scratch, Drupal provides a flexible and powerful framework.
And since Drupal 8 and up have been modernized with Symfony development is more familiar than ever!
And our Drupal Hosting is covered by the same attention to security and WMD Shield.

Peace of mind built right in.


Every application we build is from the ground-up to ensure data privacy. We do not create profiles, sell any information or share any data with any third party to use for marketing or advertising. Your data privacy is our top priority.


Wave Motion Digital is committed to providing an open and honest accounting of all of our work. We do not offshore work to overseas agencies. All of our work is done in the United States and we stand by our work.


Every application we build is from the ground-up to ensure data privacy. We do not create profiles, sell any information or share any data with any third party to use for marketing or advertising. Your data privacy is our top priority.

Shiny New Things

Shiny New Things don't stay shiny and new for long. It's not sexy or chic but we stick with what works for our customers - tried and true standards. Doing so ensures code integrity and continued support.

Social Responsibility

We work with clients who share our values and consider the ethical practices of our vendors. We do not work with vendors who run degrading, racist or misogynistic advertising; support anti-democratic, regressive or anti-First Amendment political issues; promote offshore development; and especially companies that do not respect their users' privacy.

Let's build something cool!

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