Email hosting powered by Zimbra -
the Open Source Outlook alternative

Our email offering features a new, modern, responsive end-user experience built on a legacy of dependable server infrastructure for the security, privacy and data sovereignty our customers expect.

Unlike competitors with closed platforms, our platform is flexible and extensible. So small businesses, enterprises, governments and service providers can integrate with the 3rd party collaboration services they use today—Slack, Zoom, Dropbox and more.

Our email services are built to keep your information private and to guarantee email delivery and continuity.

Zimbra browser & iPhone

More features than any other communications suite

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Core Features

  • Personal & Global address books
  • Personal distribution lists
  • Conversation views
  • Attachment search
  • Calendar
  • Group & Resource scheduling
  • Tasks
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) security
  • Folders sharing & delegation
  • Briefcase
  • S3 Integration
  • 1-to-1 chat
  • 1-to-1 and group video calls*
  • Screen sharing*
  • File sharing*

* = Premium add-on

Works With

  • Zimbra Connect Client (web based)
  • Microsoft Outlook (Windows & Mac)
  • Windows 10 Mail and Calendar
  • Apple Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Messages, and Reminders
  • Airmail (Mac)
  • Thunderbird (Mac, Linux & Windows)
  • iPhone/iPad (all iOS versions)
  • Android Mail App
Apple Mail Microsoft Outlook Thunderbird Apple Calendar Apple Notes Apple Reminders Android Devices


  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Apple Mail, Calendar, Reminders & Notes
  • Android Mail, Calendar & Tasks
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad) Mail, Calendar, Reminders & Notes
  • Modern desktop & mobile
    web browsers:
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari
Safari Firefox Google Chrome Android Devices
Smart mailboxes reduce time spent searching important emails
  • View inbox by message or by Conversation
  • Drag and drop messages into folders or onto Tag(s)
  • Share tags across applications and mailboxes
  • Messages may have multiple Tags and act as 'virtual folders'
  • Instant filtering of direct messages, distribution lists, feeds, and notifications
  • Move bulk or unimportant email out of Inbox to Activity Streams
Email Compose Tabs eliminate the need
for new windows with every message
  • Multiple email compose or calendar event tabs may be open at the same time
  • Tabs simplify context switching between email and calendar
  • Rich compose with cut and paste from desktop apps and inline images
  • Attach multiple files from either your computer or Briefcase
  • Autocomplete to contacts in your personal or Global Address List (GAL)
Integration of email, contacts and calendars
makes toggling between them unnecessary
  • Preview your daily schedule next to a meeting invite in email
  • Drag a message onto the Email Calendar Widget to automatically create a meeting with the email recipients, including any attachments and email notes
  • Drag a message onto Contact Collector to add all message recipients to your Address Book
Recover gracefully with Undo Send,
Restore Email and Scheduled Delivery
  • Choose a default delay time between 2 – 20 seconds for messages to be actually sent through the mail queue after hitting the Send button
  • Recover deleted items from the Trash folder for up to 30 days (administrator configurable)
  • Choose Send Later from the Send button drop-down to select a future date, time and even time zone to send an email
Simple sharing with Delegated Access to inbox or folders
  • Right-click on your inbox, a folder or sub-folder and share it within or outside your workgroup (administrators may disable public share if security policy does not allow it)
  • Grant others View, Manage or Administration rights
  • Allow delegates to reply ‘on behalf of’
  • Share message folders to collaborate with project teams
Robust calendar designed for the enterprise
  • Day, Week, Work Week, Month, List, Schedule Views
  • Drag and drop events to change date, time or duration
  • Toggle visibility and color code multiple schedules and events
  • Mark events public, private, busy
  • Tag events for faster organization, share them with email, contacts
  • Multi-Tab Event Compose makes toggling between calendar and email unnecessary
  • Invite attendees from Global Address List (GAL), view free/busy and set optional/mandatory
  • Set start-stop and duration times, automatically adjusted for users in other time zones
  • Choose locations, resources and add attachments
  • Configurable pop-up, email and SMS reminders
  • Fully customizable repeating event settings
Group Scheduling Wizard finds an optimal time/place
for large meetings in seconds
  • Preview invitees’ free/busy times
  • View time / date by number of available invitees
  • Auto-suggests next available time / locations
  • One click to preview all available conference rooms at selected time
  • Set building, floor and room capacity suggestion preferences
Delegate access to calendars and share calendars with peers
  • Right-click a Calendar icon to share it within or outside your workgroup
  • Grant others View, Manage or Administration rights
  • Allow delegates to schedule and accept meeting invites ‘on behalf of’
  • Publish Calendars publicly to the web and send anyone public ‘Free/Busy Links” to share your availability without having to sent explicit invites
  • Smart views for managing multiple calendars
  • Import any iCal feed or Google calendar into Zimbra Calendar to create a master free/busy view across work, club and personal calendars.
  • Create new Calendars to add Holidays, Sports, Facebook or Google Calendar as feeds in Zimbra
  • Set feed display color to easily tell them apart from work schedules
  • Choose whether feeds will appear in your global free/busy status across the organization
Save time and frustration by not starting over
  • Right-click an event to Create a Copy, which will preserve invitees, attachments and notes (such as dial in numbers)
  • Edit copied event without worrying about affecting original event
  • Use the Trash Folder to view and restore from a list of deleted events (storage retention policy is admin configurable)
Zimbra integrates seamlessly with all WMD services and applications
  • Edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations in your briefcase with OnlyOffice
  • Connects seamlessly with WMDrive to send and manage files
  • Mount your Briefcase on your desktop or connect via WebDAV on mobile and tablet devices to edit your files directly from your desktop.
  • Works with Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android Devices
Zimbra Collaboration Server can be shared internally or externally
  • Share Inbox mail folders, Address Book contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Briefcase folders and files
  • One standardized sharing UI, which is integrated with Global Address List (GAL)
  • Choose internal (read, manage or administrative access) or external publishing (view only with password or public URL)
  • Available settings to users are all Administrator configurable
Streamline sharing management as new users join an organization or distribution alias
  • Find Shares in any core application and add folders previously shared to them or a distribution alias to which they belong
  • Manage share history in Preferences by application and user, change permissions or revoke status
  • Administrators may use the Admin Console to quickly enable share notifications
An Integrated document management Briefcase eliminates the need for separate document management tools
  • Upload multiple files of any file type in one step from the desktop to Briefcase
  • Save email attachments direct to Briefcase instead of downloading to the desktop
  • Attach files during Email Compose from Briefcase
  • Share Briefcase folders with peers
Create personal or team Task Lists with due dates, priority and percent complete
  • Quickly sort Task View by priority, status and past due
  • Set reminders on Tasks and receive email Daily Digest of Tasks
  • Rich text compose for details and attach files
  • Tag Tasks for additional organization or to associate with projects common across Zimbra applications

Identity and Data Protection
from the core

Open Source

The entire system is open source so you can rest assured there are no reporting mechanisms scanning your email or reporting your activity.

Securely Sign with S/MIME

Add a secure digital signature to your emails and encrypt your email before sending with S/MIME encryption.


Lock down your account by using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Generate app passwords for applications that do not support 2FA.

Your Data on Your Terms

Your data lives on your server. In the U.S. Not "in the cloud." And it is not subject to prying eyes.

Send and Receive with
Confidence and Protection

Our email relay and spam protection systems provide unparalleled services for guaranteed email deliverability and the ultimate spam protection. With hand-curated spam filters done by real humans your inbox is kept safe. And our guaranteed delivery makes sure your emails reach their recipient.

Iron-Clad Spam Protection

Spammers keep finding innovative ways to bypass spam protection. We provide complete protection by scanning all incoming and outgoing email to eliminate threats before reaching users.

Guaranteed Delivery

Lets us know exactly where a problem lies with delivery tracing. While bad things may happen email continuity kicks in so you will never miss an important message, even if your server is unreachable.

E-mail Continuity

In the event your email server is not reachable your email is queued for 7 days and delivered email once the server is reachable.

E-mail Shadowing

An industry exclusive - shadowing - which redelivers any inbound email received in the past 30 days. This assures delivery and fast recovery of any missing or accidentally deleted message.

Deny/Allow List

Block or allow delivery based on your rules. Add single email addresses or domains to control what enters your inbox.

Tracing & Forensics

Find the real reason behind deliverability issues to ensure every message reaches their destination.

Putting it all together

Zimbra seamlessly integrates with the entire WMD Collaboration Suite. It has been built to provide powerful yet easy-to-use tools so you can run your business and protect your identity.

WMD Office

An alternative to Google Docs/Sheets/Presentations. Collaborate with team members on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Build a community with blogs, wiki and forums.


An alternative to Slack - message your team privately, share images and files and create private chat rooms.

WM Drive

Upload, download, share, access and edit documents via Zimbra, WMD Office and WM Drive from anywhere.

Comparing it with the competition

How does our mail offering stack up against the more well-known email services?
G Suite

G Suite

It does everything you need and it’s cheap and reliable.

But is security and data privacy a concern for you and your customers? Where is your data and who can access it? How much of your data is scraped and sold?

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange

They are a well-known company, and there are no risks in choosing them.

Microsoft may be the common choice but why pay that much when Zimbra offers very similar functionalities at a much lower TCO? Zimbra is also open source and compatible with Outlook.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

I don’t have time or resources to manage an on-premises messaging platform.

WMD offers managed Zimbra hosting options. We setup and maintain the servers so all you need to do is connect and get work done.

Zimbra Open Source

Zimbra Open Source

It is free and includes what I need.

But you are on your own when it comes to support. It also does not include ActiveSync/Mobile, HSM, Backup and Restore and Delegated Admin, Connect or Exchange Support.

We're leaving some a lot out

You are going to love our communications suite as much as we do. And there simply isn't enough good we can say about it. Here are some more of the features of our powerful communications suite:
  • Scales from 10 users to 10M users
  • Modern, responsive user interface
  • Classic user interface if you like
  • Integrates with Slack, Zoom & DropBox
  • Private alternatives to the above: MatterMost, Zimbra Connect, WM Drive
  • Allow/Block/Quarantine (ABQ) feature allows granular control of which mobile devices can connect to the server
  • Comes with the latest version of Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), so your users can sync their mailbox, calendar, contacts and tasks to their mobile devices. They can also connect to Microsoft Outlook using EAS
  • Exchange Web Services so macOS Outlook users can connect
  • MAPI connector that allows your users to see their entire Zimbra mailbox right in outlook
  • Real-time backup and restore
  • Hierarchical Address Book
  • Archiving and Discovery
  • Cryptographic security services for email: authentication, message integrity, non-repudiation of origin (using digital signatures) and privacy and data security (using encryption)
  • 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)
  • Over 20 different webmail themes
  • Out of Office autoreply
  • Mobile web interface
  • Browser-based administration
  • Host multiple domains in a single instance
  • Distribution lists and aliases
  • Resource allocation (fancy term for "book a conference room")

E-Mail Privacy

Wave Motion Digital will never scan your emails for data mining or marketing purposes.

While we do perform email scans for viruses, phishing and malware, the data from our scans is not indexed, stored or saved.

We do not nd will not sell any information about your communications and do not have a profit incentive in marketing your data.

E-Mail Forensics

Concerned about something you have received? Need to know who is sending emails? Trying to find the origin of some creepy emails?

We can analyze email headers to determine their origin, from where they were relayed and help block future delivery.

Want to learn more?

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